John and Anna (On Hold for Placement)

john and annaWe look forward to becoming a family through this amazing and rewarding adoption process.  After several years of surgeries eventually resulting in a full hysterectomy and growing stronger as a couple we are ready to welcome a child into our home with open arms.  We became a couple in September 2000 after exchanging some smiles and winks in our college orchestra class then married in 2007.  John is in charge of his company’s website and developing programs to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency within his company working from home two days per week.  Anna works as a health analytics consultant, working from home most of the time analyzing customers’ data and preparing presentations.

We are described as being very kind, caring and compassionate people.  We hold family and friends very close to our hearts and are willing to help others with whatever they may need. John is an amazing man who truly cares about people and goes above and beyond to help others.  He plays the piano beautifully, enjoys photography and is interested in all aspects of technology. Overall, John is a sweet, gentle man with a good heart.  Anna is a very kind and sweet person who is always more concerned about others than herself. She is very compassionate towards animals resulting in her becoming vegan and fostering cats. We cook healthy food, volunteer, spend time with our 3 cats and enjoy hiking, walking and camping outdoors.  We know that God as a plan for everyone and pray that He will guide you when selecting who will parent your child. Regardless of your choice, we pray that you will have peace, acceptance, good relationships and love.

About New Life Family Services

At New Life Family Services, we compassionately open our doors and our hearts to women and men who believe abortion is the “only” solution to an unplanned pregnancy. Through practical and spiritual counsel, we provide education and support with the hope each client will make a life-affirming decision for their unborn child.

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