• Celebrating 20 Years On Campus!

    2016 marks 20 years of outreach on campus through our program, First Care Pregnancy Center.

    Join us for an open house on Thursday, February 18th to celebrate 20 years on campus at our new permanent home.

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  • Job Openings

    New Life Family Services is hiring!

    Join our team as we continue to grow and expand our reach in the Twin Cities & Rochester area.

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  • Are you missing from this picture?

    New Life relies on partnerships with many individuals, churches, and groups to accomplish the work we do.

    Find out how you can get involved and make a difference for life.

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Adoption Services

New Life Family Services is licensed to provide full and limited adoption services for both birth parents and adoptive families.

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Pregnancy Help

First Care Pregnancy Center provides free pregnancy testing, counseling, ultrasounds, STD testing, and more through four locations.

Waiting Families

  • John and Anna
    John and Anna
    We look forward to becoming a family through this amazing and rewarding...
  • Steven and Taryn
    Steven and Taryn
    Hi there!  We are Steven and Taryn.  We’ve been married for three...
  • Shawn and Krista
    Shawn and Krista
    Hi! We’re Shawn and Krista and the cute one is William.  We...
  • Rodney and Gretchen
    Rodney and Gretchen
    Gretchen and I met while taking a class at our church and...
  • Justin and Jaime
    Justin and Jaime
    Hello!  We are Justin and Jaime. We have been married since 2007....

Healing After Abortion

Conquerors offers one-on-one mentoring and group sessions designed to deal with the pain and difficulties common to those who have had abortions.

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About New Life Family Services

At New Life Family Services, we compassionately open our doors and our hearts to women and men who believe abortion is the “only” solution to an unplanned pregnancy. Through practical and spiritual counsel, we provide education and support with the hope each client will make a life-affirming decision for their unborn child.

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